What is ReSensation?

During a mastectomy, nerves that provide sensation to the breast are cut when breast tissue is removed. This usually leads to numbness and loss of sensation. AxoGen, the leading company focused specifically on peripheral nerve repair solutions, has developed an innovative portfolio of products designed to...


Turns Out, Tummy Tucks Have Two Major Medical Benefits

Yes, it’s the holy grail of all surgeries for getting rid of that “crepey,” loose skin on the stomach once and for all. And, yes, the often referred to “life changing surgery” can eradicate a lower belly pooch and create quite possibly the flattest stomach you’ve ever had. Now, new research...

What is Breast Neurotization with ReSensation™ ?

If you’re online researching mastectomy after breast cancer, you’ll find lots of helpful articles to help you navigate through this difficult time. You’ll read about what to expect, caring for your incision, taking the right medications, eating well, resting and your breast reconstruction options. But...


Losing Breast Sensation After A Mastectomy

For many women, the decision to undergo a mastectomy can be life-saving. But like many surgeries, there may be side effects that women are either unaware of or they don’t fully understand the physical and emotional impact of these effects post-surgery. One such side effect...


Would You Gift Plastic Surgery for the Holidays?

Whether you’re a last-minute gift-giver or already have all your holiday shopping done, finding that perfect gift for friends and family members can be somewhat of a fine art. Getting that "just-right" present is a great feeling (for both parties), but has it ever crossed...