Can Losing Breast Sensation After Mastectomy Affect Me Emotionally?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 10/16/2021

Loss of breast sensation from a mastectomy can have emotional impacts. Learn how Resentation® helps you regain sensation in your breasts.


Four Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon About DIEP Flap Reconstruction

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 09/09/2021

After mastectomy, you may want surgery to rebuild your breasts. Read our most common FAQ about DIEP flap reconstruction or call for a consultation.


How Will My Breasts Feel After Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 08/10/2021

Patients may have some swelling and numbness after breast reconstruction. Learn what sensations to expect during a breast assessment at our clinic.


How Do I Know If I Need to Replace My Breast Implants?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 07/13/2021

Saline and silicone implants are safe but could require a revision procedure at some point. Learn when to have your breast implants replaced here.


Will I Look Normal In a Swimsuit After Breast Reconstruction and Resensation®?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 06/08/2021

Women can wear their favorite swimsuits after breast reconstruction. Learn about our many techniques for breast rejuvenation, including Resensation.


How Much Activity Can You Do After Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 05/18/2021

Breast reconstruction can enhance your figure after mastectomy or lumpectomy. Learn which activities are safe after breast reconstruction surgery.


How to Detect Breast Implant Illness Early

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 04/30/2021

BII can cause issues like headaches and fatigue. Learn the signs of Breast Implant Illness and how to seek potential treatment options at our clinic.


Will DIEP Flap Reconstruction Scars Take Long to Fade?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 04/27/2021

DIEP flap reconstruction can restore the appearance of breasts affected by cancer. Learn how to treat the incision sites to minimize DIEP flap scars.


How Does Resensation® Better the Lives of Breast Cancer Patients?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 04/22/2021

Women may lose breast sensation after mastectomy. Resensation may restore feeling in your breast tissue and improve your overall quality of life.


What to Know When Preparing for Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 04/17/2021

Preparing for breast reconstruction surgery may seem intimidating. Our advanced clinic provides details and information about how to get started.


Should You Lose Weight Before DIEP Flap Reconstruction?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 03/26/2021

DIEP can provide natural and more permanent results than implants. Learn how to prepare for breast reconstruction surgery after a cancer diagnosis.


Why Do Women Lose Breast Sensation After Mastectomy?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 03/18/2021

Some people lose breast sensation after mastectomy. Learn about autologous breast reconstruction surgery and how techniques like Resensation can help.


When Will Breast Implants Soften After Augmentation Surgery?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 03/08/2021

When do breast implants feel soft after breast augmentation? Learn about the recovery process after surgery and how to achieve your desired results.


What If I Don't Have Enough Fat For DIEP Flap Reconstruction?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 02/28/2021

DIEP flap breast reconstruction uses your abdominal tissue to create a natural breast. See whether you are a candidate for autologous procedures.


How Much Bigger Can I Go With Breast Reconstruction?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 02/22/2021

There are many different breast implant sizes for reconstruction. Now you can gain natural-looking breasts through this restorative breast surgery.


How is Breast ReSensation® Performed?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 02/11/2021

ReSensation breast reconstruction may return feeling to your breasts. Learn how the process works by meeting with a board-certified plastic surgeon.


How Does Latissimus Dorsi Flap Reconstruction Work?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 02/04/2021

Latissimus dorsi flap breast reconstruction uses your own natural tissue to rebuild the breast. Learn about this option when getting a consultation.


Is it Safe to Breastfeed With Breast Implants?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 01/26/2021

Do you have questions about breastfeeding with implants? Learn about the risks of breastfeeding with implants from a board-certified plastic surgeon.


How Long Does Swelling Last After Breast Reconstruction?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 01/22/2021

Breast reconstruction recovery may include some swelling and inflammation in the treatment area. Follow our tips for reducing swelling after surgery.


Can Breast ReSensation® Be Performed Years After A Mastectomy?

Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV | 01/13/2021

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy may not be enough to restore loss of sensation. ReSensation can repair damaged nerves and return feeling again.


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