5 Things To Know Before Getting Breast Implants

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Opting to go bigger? Congrats! But before you step foot into the operating room there are a few pearls of wisdom to be aware of that will make the entire process a success. Immediately following surgery, results may not appear exactly as you had pictured, but you need time to heal. In a few months, what will remain are brand-new, beautiful breasts.

They may sit high up on the chest. According to Chicago plastic surgeon Steven Bloch, MD, it’s normal for the breasts (post-surgery) to look almost as if they have been planted on your chest wall. “As the swelling goes down, your breasts will start to look more natural as they begin to move and soften. After three to six weeks, they should look great.” T

hey can appear square in shape or overly round. Because the muscle and tissue have been manipulated, the breasts may push the implants into an elongated or square shape. “The weight of the implants and your breasts push down due to gravity, so the position of the implants may change,” explains Falls Church, VA plastic surgeon Saeed Marefat, MD.

They may be itchy. As a result of skin being stretched out to accommodate the new implants, as well as the incisions that were made, the area may feel itchy. Some patients also experience itchiness due to post-procedure brasand dressings.

The nipples may look different. The larger the implants, the bigger the nipples and areola will look because the skin has been stretched out. However, once the implants take their final shape, the nipples and areola should look proportional to the size of your new breasts.

They may feel unnatural. Dallas plastic surgeon William P. Adams Jr., MD says patients need to understand that implants will cause their breasts to feel unnatural at first. As the implants settle and you get used to them, they will feel like they are part of your body.

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