Can We Become Immune to Our Beauty Products Over Time? (And Other Important Skincare Considerations)

We invest a lot of time and money in our favorite beauty products, and sometimes we discover that after a while, we just aren’t seeing the same results we once did. Why is this? Are we becoming immune? Is that even possible?


For everything, there is a season
We have clothes we wear during summer and likewise – clothes we wear during winter. In any locale with actual seasonal differentiation, (not so much you, California), it makes sense that, we need to consider how we care for our skin with those changes. “Just like anything else we do – exercise, diet, hair, etc., adapting to the current circumstances is good. For example in the winter – humidity levels are down, our skin is dry, and we may be drinking hot caffeinated beverages more; therefore adding to the dehydration of our skin. In the summer, humidity levels are up and so our skin may be oilier. Medical-grade skincare products have the ingredients and effectiveness to meet our skin’s needs no matter the issue,” says Abbey Helton BSN, RN, CPSN, Clinical Director for Dr. Joseph Banis Plastic Surgery.


Proper storage
You’d never store your milk and cheese near the heater, right? Beauty products often have perishable or active ingredients that require proper storage consideration as well. “Most companies are going to tell you that cool and dark environments are best. Extreme temperatures, especially heat can change the effectiveness and stability of some ingredients,” says Abbey, so there may be a reason one of your go-to products has suddenly disappointed you.


Pay attention to ingredients
Rather than looking at products as a whole, it is more important to look at the ingredients. “What capability does that ingredient have on affecting the skin and at what level? If your skin is a little drier, you may not tolerate as high a dose of Retin A, for example. If a product is running low, make an appointment to see your skincare specialist to review your current skincare program. New products are being added to the market all the time, so don’t just assume that what you’ve got is what’s best because it has been your go-to! Take the time to ask yourself if your current products are performing as well as you’d like them to – or as well as they performed when you first started using them. Even if they are performing well, there might be something new-and-improved or just generally better!


Botox resistance
We all love our injectables, but it’s possible that sometimes we’ll get better results than others, and resistance is not out of the scope of possibility. “Many patients undergo neurotoxin injections for years and find that it works the same for them each time. Other patients may discover that they need repeat injections less frequently once they’ve had them for a number of years because they believe it seems to work longer or has “trained” their muscles. And then there are those patients who see that their favorite injectable is suddenly not delivering the goods – though Botox resistance is fairly uncommon. More often, I inquire about my patients’ metabolism and level of activity – and discover that if they are highly active, they may find that their neurotoxin doesn’t even last three months. Those with a more sedentary lifestyle may find they get five months out of their treatment. I always tell my patients that whether it is their first time or twentieth time, tweaks are sometimes necessary!” notes Abbey.

We may be obsessed with the products that we’re currently using, but that doesn’t mean they will continue to work for a lifetime. Our skin needs tend to change as the seasons change so it’s important to revisit, review and revamp every so often and consult with a member of the Society of the Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists ( to stay up-to-date.

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