Each patient has a unique set of characteristics that define his or her face. Come discuss facial rejuvenation with Dr. Ellsworth and let him explain how he will personalize the procedure to fit your unique characteristics, without altering the features that make you, you.*


One of the more common areas of concern for both men and women, the brow is one of the first areas to demonstrate the signs of ageing. Dr. Ellsworth has extensive experience in many different brow procedures, which can shape and elevate your brow with well concealed incisions.*


Ever feel like you look “tired” even when you aren’t? Decent of the upper and lower eyelids can age a face and create a “tired” appearance. In-office procedures can significantly improve your look with well hidden incisions, giving you a “brighter” and refreshed look.*

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an eyelid lift?


Dr. Ellsworth is committed to outstanding and ethical care of every patient. World-class training combined with his personal and compassionate approach to the patient afford Dr. Ellsworth with the key elements to success in Plastic Surgery.
Just ask our patients – Time after time the men and women who visit our clinic comment on the unmatched dedication of our team. Dr. Ellsworth is known for taking the extra time in your consultation to educate you in all of your surgical and non-surgical options.

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