The Benefits of Kybella®

Kybella® is the first, and only, FDA approved injectable medication used to treat sub-mental fullness, commonly referred to as a “double chin.”


As we age, the fullness of our chin and neck is affected by our genetics as well as weight gain. Most patients say its one of those stubborn areas where, no matter how much you work out or lose weight, the fat just won’t go away. It can give the face a rounded appearance and make you look heavier than you are.


Before Kybella®, the only option we had to improve this area was traditional liposuction. A small, well hidden, incision is made under the chin and the fat is suctioned from the area to improve the contour of the jawline. Although liposuction is a great modality, not all patients want to undergo general anesthesia and the downtime associated with surgery. Kybella® now gives us the ability to treat this troublesome area with just a few injections. There is no downtime, the injections are done in the office and the entire treatment can be done in as little as 10 minutes. Most patients will need 2 to 4 treatments, done at least one month apart.


Like most injectable products, common side effects include swelling, mild bruising, tenderness and areas of firmness.


As one of the first offices in the Houston area to offer Kybella®, Dr. Ellsworth and his staff are well suited to discuss whether Kybella® is the right treatment for you.






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Allison Verheul, RN

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