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What Is Ultherapy®?

If your skin is not as tight as you'd like, Ellsworth Plastic Surgery can help improve its laxity with Ultherapy, a noninvasive intervention for loose facial, neck, and décolletage skin. With approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ultherapy's ultrasound energy can improve the firmness of your skin in a short treatment. After your session, as the skin begins to heal itself, your body produces more collagen to repair the skin. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Warren Ellsworth IV is proud to offer Ultherapy to Houston, TX women and men. This procedure can be performed in combination with other nonsurgical skin procedures, such as laser skin resurfacing or an injectable to leave the skin looking revitalized.

What are the benefits of ultherapy?

Loose skin can lead to a decreased sense of self-confidence. While many surgical procedures can tighten skin, not everyone is ready or able to commit to surgery. Ultherapy can produce significant results without the need for anesthesia, incisions, or extended recovery times. Patients choose to work with Ellsworth Plastic Surgery for the following benefits:

  • Natural treatment: Ultherapy uses your body's natural healing process to achieve results.
  • No downtime: You can return to regular activities immediately after treatment.
  • Short procedure time: The entire procedure can be performed during a lunch break.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For UlTherapy?

Women and men can both benefit from treatments with Ultherapy. If you are noticing that your facial skin has become looser with mild to moderate lines and wrinkles (near the mouth, eyes, and brow), or noticing a slight droop in the jowls, you may be a good candidate for Ultherapy. If you have more severe sagging or deeper lines and wrinkles, facelift surgery may be a more suitable choice for you.

How Is Ultherapy Performed?

When you get to our office, you will be asked to relax in our minor procedures room where a team member will prepare your treatment area, which may include the application of numbing cream. For the treatment, a handheld device that focuses energy from ultrasound waves will glide over your skin. Depending on the number of areas you are having treated, your sessions may last about 30 – 90 minutes. It is very common for your skin to be mildly pink and irritated. You can use cold packs and take over-the-counter pain medication to treat the pain and inflammation. You may apply makeup after your treatment and continue your normal day.

What Should I Expect After Ultherapy Treatment?

Ultherapy won't show results immediately. You will need time for your skin to adjust and heal after each Ultherapy treatment. With the increase in collagen, your skin will firm in about 6 – 8 months.

Ultherapy FAQs

Is Ultherapy safe?

Ultherapy is a safe treatment with relatively no downtime. Of course, there are certain groups that are not qualified for this procedure, including pregnant women or people with certain health conditions. Dr. Ellsworth has helped countless patients through safe and effective techniques and can determine your eligibility for Ultherapy during a consultation.

Is Ultherapy painful?

Ultrasound energy is deeply penetrating and provides dramatic results, but it's not painful. Most people describe Ultherapy as tolerable, especially since we use a special numbing cream prior to the treatment. You may experience some pink and irritated skin after treatment with Ellsworth Plastic Surgery, but this generally resolves within a few days.

How long until I see results from Ultherapy?

You may notice some improvement in the skin's tone and texture immediately after treatment. However, it takes time for new collagen production to regenerate and tighten your skin. It typically takes 6 – 8 months before you see the best results. For many people in Houston, TX, this is a life-changing procedure for looking and feeling great again!

Age Gracefully with Ultherapy

Treat yourself to Ultherapy at Ellsworth Plastic Surgery so that the skin on your chest, face, chin, and neck can be firmer without surgery. Our ultrasound process that is approved by the FDA will tighten your skin with no downtime. We would love to discuss the benefits of Ultherapy with you during a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Ellsworth in our Houston, TX office. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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