What is ReSensation?


What is ReSensation?

During a mastectomy, nerves that provide sensation to the breast are cut when breast tissue is removed. This usually leads to numbness and loss of sensation.

AxoGen, the leading company focused specifically on peripheral nerve repair solutions, has developed an innovative portfolio of products designed to connect and protect peripheral nerves throughout the body.

With ReSensation, an advancement in breast reconstruction designed to restore sensation after a mastectomy, surgeons like Dr. Ellsworth have the ability to connect the nerves that were cut to the patient’s newly restored breast, allowing the nerves to potentially regenerate over time.


How does ReSensation work?

ReSensation is performed at the same time as the patient’s free flap (or autologous) breast reconstruction. This type of reconstruction surgery uses the patient’s own tissue with the goal of providing size, shape, symmetry, and softness to the newly restored breast. Now with ReSensation, there is a possibility for the breast to feel as natural as it looks.
With ReSensation, nerves that were cut during the mastectomy are reconnected to nerves in the newly restored breast using allograft nerve tissue, which is donated human peripheral nerve tissue that is used to bridge the nerve gap. Over time, the donated nerve becomes a part of the patient’s body.


When can reconstruction surgery with ReSensation be performed?

The procedure can be performed during a mastectomy (immediate reconstruction) or after a mastectomy (delayed reconstruction). The patient should work with Dr. Ellsworth to determine the right timing based on her desires and medical condition.

The ReSensation procedure is not commonly performed with implant reconstruction since implants are artificial and do not contain nerves that are needed to potentially restore sensation.

Learn more about ReSensation at www.ReSensation.com.

Dr. Ellsworth is one of the first in Texas to offer free flap breast reconstruction with ReSensation.

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